GNI per capita provides information on the income status and the overall level of resources available to a country.  The inclusion threshold is set at the three-year average of the level of GNI per capita, which the World Bank defines for identifying low-income countries. At the 2018 review, it was $ 1,025. The graduation threshold is set at 20 per cent above the inclusion threshold. At the 2018 review, it was US$1,230. The income-only graduation threshold is twice the graduation threshold. At the 2018 review, it was $ 2,460. (Note: Thresholds for the GNI per capita will be US$1,222.

GNI is calculated from national accounts data converted into USD using the World Bank Atlas method (to reduce impact of short-term exchange rate fluctuations). GNI per capita is derived by dividing GNI in USD by the annual population of a country.  GNI per capita is calculated by the United Nations Statistics Division on the basis of its National Accounts Main Aggregates Database.  Population data are taken from the United Nations Population Division.